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Starfire Series Octaphase™ Alpha (Unshielded) and Omega Pro-line (Shielded) Interconnect Cables on Bulk Spools or Reels

High Performance Interconnect Cables on bulk long length spools and reels for In-wall and DIY use and application.

Featuring our patented and trademarked dual four conductor “Progressive Geometric Multi-Gauge/Multi-conductor/multi-gauge™” high performance design for maximum performance in all audio system applications. Also available with our abrasion resistant "Static Guard" Harvest Gold colored tightly woven Nylon Multi-filament outer covering on special order. For In-wall, DIY interconnect and phono stage applications.

                                                             Alpha Series™ (Unshielded)

                                                            Omega Pro-line™ (Shielded)

  Technical Specifications

  • All the attributes of our Tricormaxial™ cables in a miniaturized eight conductor design featuring our exclusive “Progressive Geometric Multi-conductor/multi-gauge™” design that allows all the signals and frequencies to independently seek the “path of least resistance” as they travel virtually unimpeded over the individual conductor surfaces for each of the four conductors and gauges in each leg of each cable.

  • Each of the two “legs” in each cable has four individual conductors totaling a composite #22 AWG overall. The conductors are 4-9's (99.99%) pure finely stranded OFEBC (oxygen free electrolytic bare copper). The Alpha Series™ is not shielded. The Omega Pro-line™ series has a 97% OFEBC (oxygen free electrolytic bare copper) braided shield over the conductors for maximum protection against possible outside interference from magnetic phono cartridges and other sources of RF or EM interference.

  • All conductors are individually insulated with 105°C flame retardant RoHS (lead free) color coded (red and white) low durometer flexible thin wall PVC.

  • The outer jacket is a 105°C flame retardant RoHS (lead free) Light Beige (unshielded) or Dark Beige (shielded) medium wall low durometer flexible PVC, surface printed with our name, “Made in USA” and directional arrows to insure maximum flow of signals and frequencies across the surface area of each conductor between the components each cable is connected to.

  • Optional outer covering over either cable jacket is a premium grade “Static Guard” abrasion resistant tightly woven Nylon multi-filament in a Harvest Gold color for eye pleasing aesthetics and maximum flexibility. Minimum quantity is 250 feet per cable type.

  • Suitable for making DIY unshielded or shielded Interconnect Cables for In-wall and standard interconnect applications.

  • Available in minimum 50 foot continuous length spools and on spools or wood reels in 50 foot increments thereafter (100’, 150’, 200’, etc.) to a maximum of 1,000’ on a wood reel.

  • If requested, we will provide detailed written instructions for preparing the cable ends to attach the terminations of your choice for all bulk spool and reel orders.

  • Available on special order only. Contact sales department for pricing and availability on the various lengths available.